Supplying the Unique and Beautiful


Mary Hamilton is a local artist that creates stellar pieces of art through painting, many of her canvas paintings can be found in our store.  Hamilton also creates beautiful holiday ornaments and other unique pieces.   Her Fine Arts gallery can be found in Girard, Pennsylvania.


Mary Miller is a local artist who graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  She started her art career in the graphic arts field before she began entering her work into art shows and exhibits.  Miller shows her passion through watercolors and mainly paints realistic landscapes and birds.  Miller is often inspired by the scenery around her and puts that into her work.


Art was always in Nancy's blood, as her father was a professional photographer and artists.  Nancy Shumaker Pallen received her degree in art education and excels in multiple forms of media art.  Nancy is most well known for her use of watercolor art in her realistic wildlife and botanical pieces.


Lewis is formally trained in multiple practices of art, but she is self-taught when it comes to her use of cold porcelain.  For seven years, Lewis was working as a studio potter who loved to decorate her creations with flowers.  After years of trying, Lewis was able to perfect her cold porcelain recipe and now focuses on creating new flowers, each of which present their own journey and challenge.


Cheryl Johnson is a local artist who is most well known for her mosaic style pieces.  Johnson creates stunning mirrors, frames, and other home-ware pieces that can be found here in our store.  Johnson's use of objects from nature are a real head turner.  Johnson describes her art as functional pieces for both business and home.


Toni Kelly grew up and has always lived in Northwestern Pennsylvania and has always enjoyed art.  Even as a child, Kelly had a passion to draw and paint.  Her love of drawing from nature however did not come until later in her life. Kelly became interested in drawing nature due to being an avid gardener.  Toni Kelly and her art are known both regionally and internationally in the field of Calligraphy and Book Art.


Alex Cohen is an artist that grew up in Newton, Pennsylvania.  Cohen received his degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and is now a professional Oil Painter.  Cohen also creates custom, hand carved frames while also finding time to teach painting and drawing.


Barb Yerace has been working with glass art since 1980 when she discovered her love for it in a class she took at Carnegie-Mellon.  Thirty years later, and Yerace has her own glass studio located in Erie, Pennsylvania called Yerace Glass Studio. Her glass pieces are one of a kind and can be found in galleries in Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan.


Evan Everhart is a local artist how focuses on metal art.  Everhart is able to create masterpieces with pieces of steel that are hand-cut.  We are lucky enough to feature two of his Great Lakes metal pieces as well as a Presque Isle piece here in our store.  Everhart is famously known for his hard work and one of a kind pieces.


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